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Welcome to Liberty Essentials LLC, a Preparedness Consultancy

Liberty Essentials LLC is an emergency & disaster preparedness and security consultancy based in Albemarle County, Virginia, serving the surrounding counties and all of Virginia. We provide DISCRETE and CONFIDENTIAL services to those wise individuals and organizations who correctly perceive the fragility and instability of institutions and structures surrounding them and want to secure a "buffer zone" of protection and self-sufficiency.

We take our decades of experience and knowledge and create CUSTOM, individually-designed "Preparedness Solutions" that provide PROVEN and TESTED levels of protection and provision for all budgets, making the best of what you have, where you live and what you already know. To know what to buy, when to buy it, how to store it, and how to use it can be daunting. Hardening, powering, and equiping a home or retreat is very technical, and there is no need to re-invent the wheel. The hard work has been done by us, and others, over the decades, and we send you to the front of the pack with minimal wasted expense. We provide you with the EDGE needed to survive any disaster or catastrophe, natural or man-made!

The "6 P's of Preparedness"

  • Prior
  • Planning
  • Prevents
  • Pitifully
  • Poor
  • Preparedness

  • Medium & Long-Term Food Storage Solutions...
  • Food Processing & Preparation Appliances & Skills...
  • Water Supply: Storage / Well / Rotation / Disinfection
  • Hardening & Securing Home / Retreat staying low-profile...
  • Emergency Power: Generators / Solar / Wind / Safe Fuel Storage...
  • Homesteading & Livestock: A path to self-sufficiency?
  • Self-Defense & Protection: Security realities & professional advice...
  • Terrorism: Nuclear / Biological/ Chemical...


NEVER, ever become a REFUGEE! (Read disaster/refugee eyewitness reports here)

  • Becoming a REFUGEE is a pitiful existense! The examples and horror stories of Hurricane Katrina are all one needs to know that lack of preparedness, poor planning and no situtational awareness add up to grief, suffering and possibly even death.
  • Government and aid agencies, as well-meaning as they might be, can not and will not provide you the BEST SOLUTION for YOU and your loved ones survival. Their aid is far too slow and consists of a "herd mentality" where "group" needs outweigh individual needs. You are herded in, stripped of your dignity and indivual freedoms and are only permitted to leave when "the powers that be" allow you to leave. YOU are NOT in control of YOUR existense, someone else is! This option is our LAST OPTION before death and Liberty Essentials shows you how becoming a REFUGEE is avoidable, how preparedness and self-sufficiency is empowering, and how our "Preparedness Solutions" are affordable and easily available in times of PLENTY.